AIS International is one of the Malaysia’s pioneering company in the Beauty & Science Education industry. We are a private (Sdn Bhd) company established since year 2000; focused on enhancing the human capital development in the local industry; up-skill and upgrade the local market’s existing workforce to meet the requirements as a professional beautician as equally skilled as the experts existing in the international market. Our responsibilities for the Beauty Science Industry include ensuring the safety of all beauty consumers, contribute a certain percentage of statistical market growth for the global beauty and cosmetic products and maintaining a good reputation for the professional aestheticians from the consumer’s perspective. We have been implying the International Quality Management Standards (ISO9001) for our team to meet the all our customers and business partners’ expectations. Our staffs are highly trained professionals; working as a team to build and grow our businesses as well as assisting the local Industries into adapting the highly demanded skills in the international market for the Beauty & Science Industry. Our fast growing market covers the South East Asia region and currently expanding our business for the whole Asia Pacific in the next five years.
  • Timeline
  • Awarded as the Most Inspiring People by Cosmobeauté.

    The award was received due to his continuous contributions toward developing and improving the local beauty industry for more than 30 years.

  • Key person for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between AICA, Standards Malaysia, IPEC Bureau with 6 other countries which are Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia and Singapore.

    The MoU signing between all the participating countries will harmonize a single standard platform in the Asia Pacific to meet a mutual requirements of mutual qualification recognition and meet the needs of beauty professionals in various countries.

  • Founder and President of Association of International Certified Aesthetician(AICA)

    The association will be in charge of professional aesthetician services and regulations.

  • Chairman of the Committee on Beauty Science and Technology, leading the development of the Beauty Science Certification Program

    International Persons Certification (IPEC) appointed him as the Chairperson of the International Standards Development Committee (ISDC) in year 2014.

  • Establish Quality Academy System (QAS), in-line with ISO9001: 2008

  • IPEC Certification Bureau founding member

    His main mission is to enhance the quality of beauticians by introducing a complete scheme for the professional beauticians including the method of practice, consumer safety and security as called the Asia-Pacific Industry Standards Platform.

  • Established 60 chain salon across Malaysia and Singapore

    Equipped with international business knowledge has led him into establishing his first local beauty salon in 1987 and later grew to more than 60 salons in Malaysia and Singapore in year 2002.

  • Founder and Chairman of AIS International Sdn Bhd

    Professor Ng is the founder and currently the Executive Chairman of AIS International Sdn Bhd. He has been involved in the Beauty Science industry for more than 30 years.

  • Certified for ISO-CMS (Certificate of Person) for sales and marketing for the Beauty industry in Geneva, Switzerland.

    He received ISO EN45013 (Certification of Person) an award in 1999 from the Dutch Council which inspired him into developing Certification of Persons Beauty Scheme according to ISO17024 standards guideline. Involved in the Beauty Science industry for more than 30 years.