A certified professional beauty practitioner is crucial for a beautician to enter the beauty and cosmetics market. However, the beauty industrial market is evolving rapidly as new technologies are introduced every day. In the beauty industry, consumers are very particular about their therapist’s qualifications. Risk awareness is one of the major issue our country is currently pushing into and it affects businesses in the beauty industry. Beauty professionals are required to update themselves with the latest knowledge and be aware of the issues raised. Knowledge and skills are the key to grow, sustain and compete with the international market.

The scope of learning are categorized into three different courses:

Beauty Salon
We have provided advisory services to local businesses to establish beauty salons from financial planning to salon execution and management system. More than 60 beauty salons throughout Malaysia and Singapore are currently managing and growing their business using our system. We provide a whole complete solution for our clients to make sure they are able to focus on operating their salons for the long term.
Beauty Academy
We are the beauty academy experts. Our advisory services includes a system for our clients to adopt and execute. The system covers the whole academy planning, structure and execution. The management system for the whole system are properly structured as it is in line with ISO9001:2008 guidelines. We have established more than 5 beauty academies worldwide and assisted them in generating more than RM15 million in revenue in 5 years’ time.